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Our new chipper house-a
part of the MDP program

Mill Development Plan

In a business where economies of scale are critical to competitiveness and where the benchmark is rising all the time, it is imperative to enhance production capacity (scale) at one level and enhance production capability (product mix and efficiency) at the other.

This feature is becoming more critical for an important reason: The regulations of the Pollution Control Board (PCB) make it imperative for a mill to upgrade its plant and machinery with the objective to minimise pollution and enhance environment friendliness.

The charter on Corporate Responsibility for Environment Protection (CREP) issued by the MOEF/CPCB requires a comprehensive time-bound improvement. Over the last couple of years, the Company embarked on a Mill Development Plan structured around the following objectives:

  • Increasing mill capacity from 83,550 TPA to 138,300 TPA·

  • Eliminating elemental chlorine in bleaching·

  • Re-burning lime sludge·

  • Making the mill more environment friendly and meeting the current standards stipulated for the paper industry·

  • Reducing the energy and water consumption·

  • Retaining a flexibility in product mix and further enhancing varieties of paper·

  • In this respect, the Mill Development Plan will have a bearing on the following segments of the manufacturing process.

Pulp mill

  • Installation of chippers, chips silo and conveying system·

  • Installation of higher capacity and more energy efficient digesters in the place of old small digesters·

  • Installation of blow tanks with a dedicated heat recovery system·

  • Installation of new brown stock washing street, new bleach plant for ClO2 bleaching with oxygen delignification

Paper machine

  • Installation of paper machine number 8·

  • Installation of paper converting and finishing equipment

Chemical recovery plant

  • Installation of new evaporation plant of free falling film evaporation technology·

  • Installation of a new chemical recovery boiler and elimination of direct contact evaporator·

  • Augmentation and retrofit of causticising plant·

  • Installation of new limekiln with a producer gas plant

Upgradation of the electrical distribution system

  • Upgrading the electrical distribution system to cover new areas·

  • Adding 6.6 KV distribution feeders to feed power to PM 8, chipper house, pulp mill and chemical recovery plant.


  • Recycling of paper machine backwater to the maximum possible extent·

  • Closure of bleach plant filtrate·

  • Low specific water requirement in new pulping and paper making facilities


  • Augmentation of the aeration system