The Sirpur Paper Mills Limited is one of the largest Indian integrated paper manufacturers, specialising in the customisation of niche varieties right down to small volumes. Over the years, Sirpur has also established itself as the most dependable and profitable paper brands in India.

Public Announcement - CIRP Process

Who we are

  • Integrated paper manufacturing Company founded in 1938

  • One of the largest manufacturers of variety and colour paper in India

  • Employer of more than 3000 people

  • Installed capacity was raised to 138300 on May 1 2008 when the MDP was commissioned.

  • Majority of sales in India; exports to neighbouring countries, South-East Asia, the Gulf and Africa

What we market

  • Writing and printing paper

  • Creamwove and maplitho paper

  • Ledger, bank and account book paper

  • Specialty grade paper-bond, parchment, airmail, manila and pastel paper

  • Base for coated paper

  • Duplex board and triplex board

  • Laminating grade kraft

Where we are located

  • Manufacturing facility in Sirpur-Kaghaznagar (Andhra Pradesh)

  • Registered office in Hyderabad, India

  • Corporate office in Gurgaon, India

  • Listed on the Mumbai and National Stock Exchanges (India)