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Paper production on Paper Machine 6

The mill

  • Our facility at Sirpur-Kaghaznagar (Andhra Pradesh, India) is strategically located near multiple raw material sources and a perennial river source.

  • Modernisation to enhance quality, productivity and efficiency is a continuous process at The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd.

  • The Company is investing Rs. 294 cr to benchmark its facilities in line with international standards and enhance installed capacity to 138,300 MT per annum.


At The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. There are Eight operational Paper Machines after commissioning and operation of Paper Machine-8 during 2006-07. The capacities and Products Manufactured on these machines are as under:

Paper machine


Board varieties/specific product


Machine I 60-300 Kraft, writing and printing paper
Deluxe maplitho, azurelaid, ledger laid, MF kraft, unbleached absorbant kraft / padding wrapper
31 TPD
Machine II 56-120 Writing and printing paper
Superior / map printing ledger laid, azurelaid.
31 TPD
Machine III 47-80 Writing and printing paper Coloured printing, creamwove 39 TPD
Machine IV 30-120 Speciality paper
Coloured maplitho, white maplitho SS/NS, cheque, parchment paper, Bible printing, accounts book paper, airmail parchment, bank paper and Apollo bond
Machine V 56-300 Speciality paper
Coloured pastel, cover paper, pulp board, duplicating, greeting paper and coloured printing paper.
12 TPD
Machine VI 250-700 Board
MF white duplex board, MF unbleached coloured triplex board, deluxe bleached coloured triplex board and MF unbleached triplex board
47 TPD
Machine VII 47-120 Writing and printing paper Creamwove, prime maplitho SS Base for coated paper. 60 TPD
Machine VIII 47-120 Writing and Printing papers copier grade. 150 TPD


The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. procures raw material with a view to enhancing supply sustainability and reducing the cost of raw material without compromising quality - a competitive edge.

  • Bamboo

  • Hardwood – Eucalyptus and Subabul

  • Paper cuttings

  • Caustic soda lye and flakes

  • Liquid chlorine

  • Sodium sulphate

  • Hydrochloric acid

  • Common salt

  • Anthra cuionine

  • Sulphuric acid

  • Lime and lime stone, sea shells

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Alum (Ferric and non-ferric)

  • Fortified resin

  • Alumina hydrate

  • Whitening agent and dyes

  • Maize starch

  • Furnace oil

  • HDPE woven fabric, reel core

  • Graphite anodel

Manufacturers / vendors of the above items interested to supply to the Company may contact:

Purchase Department,
The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd.
P.O.: Sirpur Kaghaznagar
District: Adilabad
State: Andhra Pradesh
Pin: 504296

Phone:+91(08738) 238645,238647,239606
Fax:+91(08738) 238642